Monday, August 20, 2012

Magic items

Lots of them or do we have the characters attune themselves to items over time and save the magic for truly powerful and unique items?


  1. I've always been on that enjoys items that power up as you do. Sort of like the Heirloom gear in WoW. It complicates the system some though, but, each level if you get power points to put into your items to either boost current properties, or add them.

    My thoughts on that would be something like this:
    Base Weapon has X slots, those slots can take on attributes. Those attributes are from Table Y. then people can customize thier items/gear as they level instead of hoping what they want "drops".

  2. Something like that. What I'd really like to get away from is the disposable item way of doing things.

    Oh look! A +2 dagger!! I'll just toss out this old +1 dagger that my dad gave me and has been in our family for generations.