Monday, December 3, 2012

Things happening at the Leviathan Bridge

In East Bridge:   4th Month 13th Day PD.887

Leaky Pipe tavern on Terrace 4; a place for soldiers of fortune, bounty hunters, adventurers, treasure hunters, smugglers and the like.  
Sheriff Dunfrey often comes to the Leaky Pipe to ‘deputize’ people (for money or fame)

Regular citizens will come by the Leaky Pipe looking for people to do jobs they can’t or won’t.  

The criminal element is thick here but there is an understanding that nothing untoward is done while at the tavern else the regulars and power brokers that frequent it put the creator of any disturbance back in line.

The streets outside are not guaranteed to be quite as safe.

Current advertisements:
  • Missing Child - Jimmy Samuels, Human, 12, Last seen T30 Western Border Market
    • James and Betty Samuels T30
  • Missing Child - Penny Biggs, Elf, 8, Last seen Surface Wind Farm 21
    • Ian Biggs SWF 21
  • Wanted - Historic Texts regarding Underwater Exploration
    • Dr. Agnes Winding - EB University
  • Wanted - Historic Texts regarding Extraplanar Rift, PD.332
    • Private Collector - Drop Box 1312, EB Parcels, T40
  • Dead or Alive - Cliff “Gearhead” Yanick - for a string of merchant robberies and murders
    • Sheriff Dunfrey, EB, 5,000₱
  • Missing Children - Crystal and Owen Lester, Human, 11 and 7, Last seen T1 Fisheries housing
    • Stefan and Alice Lester, T1 Fisheries Housing
  • Wanted - Light casters or talents - any Church of the Followers of the White Hand
  • Dead or Alive - RedJack
    • EB Senate, 500,000₱