Saturday, January 11, 2014

Help Wanted Board at the Leaky Pipe

Corcoran Rhapsody’s Circus and Traveling Zoo!
◦ 5₱, Gallery Park T1-10, Two Weeks Only!
Wanted - Feral Subsurface Fauna Specimens
◦ Lawrence Atkinson, Prof. Zoology and Elementally Induced Evolution - EB University
Wanted - Maps and Charts of Pre-Tier Settlements
◦ Private Collector - Drop Box 8715, EB Parcels, T40
◦ Additional Note tacked on - Pre-Tier artifacts bonus
Wanted - Light casters or talents
◦ Any Church of the Followers of the White Hand
Wanted - Enlightened individuals for conversation and social gatherings
◦ Sandor Wilson - 17 North Ave - T45
Dead or Alive - RedJack
◦ EB Senate, 500,000₱
Dead or Alive - 25₱ bounty on any RedJack soldier

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